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Exciting things happening at UDP: D!


Third Thursday thrills at Salt & Cedar: Michigan poets Aaron McCollough, Ken Mikolowski and Barrett Watten will be reading and talking about their publishing endeavors this coming Thursday, April 17.

Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/269478029878204/


From Dorothea Lasky’s BLACK LIFE.


That looks like quite a gathering in Motor City.

UDP Cellar Series (22 March 2014)
Ainsley Morse, Bela Shayevich, Marina Temkina

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Announcing: UDP’s new Chapbook Subscription


This yearly subscription will include

all chaps published by UDP per year (min 7).

In 2014 UDP plans to publish:

Adhemar Ahmad: Hannibal Barca

César Vallejo, Black Herald of Madrid

Daniel Bouchard, Art and Nature

David B. Goldstein, Object Permanence

Diana Hamilton, Universe

Josef Kaplan, All Nightmare: Introductions 2011-2012

Lyric Hunter, Swallower

Milos Djuergdjevic, Morse, My Deaf Friend
Purdey Lord Kreiden, Children of the Bad Hour

Rebecca Wolff, Warden

The chapbook subscription only costs $50!

You can order yours by clicking here.

Your subscription helps support UDP

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Johannes Göransson on The Narrative Poetry of Gro Dahle and Dolores Dorantes

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Ainsley Morse & Bela Shayevich


Lisistening @ Lighght Reading